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Loss Protection Montana, Denver, Wyoming, Eastern Washington, Oregon,
Protect your wireless lifestyle.

Loss Protection Montana, Denver, Wyoming, Eastern Washington, Oregon,

Loss Protection Get Another Device – Fast!
If your device is lost, stolen or damaged, we’ll get another device to you fast – really fast. With a hassle free call to our World Class Call Center, you’ll have another device in no time. All devices are sent FedEx within 48 hours.
Loss Protection Controlling Online Personal Information
My Privacy Protect provides you, as a Protect Cell Member, with an integrated privacy tool that finds your personal information on the internet. What is the internet saying about you? Find out with My Privacy Protect.
rLoss Protection Protect Cell Rewards Program
Enjoy an exclusive personalized shopping experience with a network of over 30,000 merchants. Members are rewarded with better prices, points, Black Friday deals, and VIP access to the newest, hard-to-get, and even already sold out products. With all the savings, you could pay for your membership in no time.
Loss Protection Identity Theft Restoration & Consultation
If your identity falls into the wrong hands, we’ll immediately connect you with the industry leader in ID Theft Consultation & Restoration to help you quickly restore your identity and credit to pre-theft status.

Protection vs Insurance

Protect Cell Membership Phone Insurance
Protects the phone and customer! Insures the phone only!
Costs less Costs more
Unlimited requests Limited to 2 claims per year
New OEM or certified replacements Uncertified refurbished replacements
Online privacy protection None
Identity theft consultation & restoration None
Rewards Mall None
Discount for multiple lines None

Peace Of Mind – For as Little as 12¢ a Day