weBoost Drive X Cellular Signal Booster
weBoost Drive X Cellular Signal Booster
weBoost Drive X Cellular Signal Booster

The weBoost Drive X cellular signal booster our powerful, professional-grade wireless in-vehicle booster. Because the Drive X cellular signal booster has a strong uplink gain (24dB), it allows more distance from the nearest cell tower. It has been a preferred solution for first responders throughout North America to boost their cellular signals and extend their cellular device’s battery life, when in the most remote areas.

The weBoost Drive X wirelessly connects every cellular device in your vehicle for a stronger, more reliable cellular signal while helping to extend the cellular device’s battery life. Along with more reliable cellular signal strength, your cellular device will experience the best voice and data connectivity to maximize the upload and download speeds. The Drive X is ideal for cars, trucks, or service vehicles. Plug the weBoost Drive X into the car’s CLA, place the magnetic antenna on the roof, and get a more reliable wireless signal on the road today. Stronger signal means faster data speeds, clearer calls, and even better battery life in weak-signal areas.

Clear steps for installation is outlined in the Quick Install Guide. And a friendly US-based customer support team is available to assist you by phone.

Gain: 50 dB max (24 dB uplink)
Supports multiple devices simultaneously
Supports 3G and 4G LTE networks
Boosts all US-based cellular carriers
FCC Certified

Wireless connection to multiple devices simultaneously
Improves cellular signal strength for voice and data
Reliable cellular signal for the fastest data speeds
Longer cellular battery life in weak cellular signal areas