Signal Boosters

The weBoost Home 4G cellular signal booster is the most affordable weBoost 4G cell phone booster for in-building use. The weBoost Home 4G cellular signal booster is designed to significantly improve coverage in a small area in your home and works especially well in modern, energy-efficient buildings that contain materials known to weaken cellular signals. The weBoost Home 4G signal booster can increase cellular signals up to 32 times while enhancing 3G and 4G LTE signals for buildings up to 1,500 sq. ft. (1-2 rooms).
The weBoost Connect 4G-X cellular signal booster is the most powerful weBoost 4G in-building cellular booster for large homes and small offices. This professional grade in-building cellular signal booster improves cellular coverage for buildings up to 7,500 sq. ft. The 70 dB gain cellular signal booster provides a stronger cellular signal for the best voice and data connectivity for faster uploads and downloads. The weBoost Connect 4G-X amplifies the cellular signal on any 3G and 4G LTE cellular connected device (including tablets and laptops) for multiple users.
The weBoost Drive Sleek cellular signal booster is the most powerful and versatile 4G cradle cellular signal booster for vehicles. Don’t let the new modern sleek design fool you. The unique cradle design has an integrated internal antenna that hold the cellular device (vent or dash mount) while amplifying the cellular signal up to 32 times!  Place your phone in the cradle and get better cellular coverage! Use the weBoost Drive Sleek in your car, or truck to keep you connected. Stronger signal means faster data speeds, clearer calls and even better battery life in weak-signal areas.
The weBoost Drive 4G-M cellular signal booster is the most cost-effective wireless 4G vehicle booster. The weBoost Drive 4G-M wirelessly connects every device in your vehicle to a stronger, more reliable cellular signal while helping to extend the cellular device’s battery life. The weBoost Drive 4G-M installs in minutes and improves cellular signal strength to ensure the best possible voice and data connectivity, extended range, for a more reliable cellular signal and the fastest data speeds.
The weBoost Drive 4G-X cellular signal booster is the most powerful, professional grade wireless 4G vehicle booster. Because the Drive 4G-X cellular signal booster has a stronger uplink gain (24dB) than the Drive 4G-M cellular signal booster, it is the preferred solution for first responders throughout North America to boost their cellular signals and extend their cellular device’s battery life, when in the most remote areas.