How Did Cellular Plus Grow From One to Sixty Stores?

The Early Cellular Plus Team

The early years of the Cellular Plus team.

After spending years in sales, Adam Kimmet decided to strike out on his own in the cell phone industry.  Cellular Plus had its humble beginnings in 1998 at 111 South 24th Street West in Billings, Montana. Only one year later the second store opened in the Billings Mall. That number quickly expanded to 22 stores operating in the state of Montana. Now, in the fall of 2017, Cellular Plus is celebrating the opening of its 60th store; this time in Spokane, Washington.

We sat down with Adam to talk about the journey from one little store in Montana to 60 stores across five different states.

Cellular Plus from 1 to 60

When we asked if there was always a plan to expand and grow, Adam told us it was merely a matter of timing. He never really had a grand scheme for expansion. Cellular Plus took advantage when opportunities presented themselves to increase the company footprint. As Adam puts it, “it’s just what fit at what time.” Because of that philosophy, growth has not occurred at the same rate as other Verizon Agents, but Adam’s conservative expansion plans have been a  key to the company’s survival.


Adam said he tends to go back to 2014 whenever people ask what memory sticks out to him most. He recalls vividly how many other business owners were having to sell due to the massive downturn in the United States economy. It was a tough year for everyone, including Cellular Plus. Thanks in part to the flexible growth schedule, Cellular Plus was able to survive or thrive.


Expanding to 60 stores in 20 years hasn’t been without its growing pains. Adam warns that when you build too quickly, it becomes difficult to hire and retain the right people. In fact, the rate of growth for Cellular Plus has been slowed down to ensure that the best people are brought on board.


And that focus on people has paid off. Since day one Cellular Plus has consistently been among the top Verizon Agents in the United States with no intention of seeing that change.


So, what comes next?


“Where will be in five years? Probably be pushing 85 to 95 stores with 600 great employees.” – Adam Kimmet, President of Cellular Plus