A Look at Major League Baseball’s At Bat App for Android and iOS

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The At Bat app has been the #1 Major League Sports app for four years running through 2016.

The At Bat app from Major League Baseball is the mobile app for the MLB fan. Whether you’re on iOS or Android, this app has everything you’re looking for in a Major League Baseball app. In addition to being both iOS and Android compatible, At Bat also features specific design considerations for Android and Apple tablet users too! At Bat Features stats, schedules, audio (with a premium subscription), video (live games requires MLB.tv subscription), and now they’re even getting into Virtual Reality!

The MLB has invested a lot of time and effort into this app, and it shows. The app tracking firm, App Annie says it blows the competition out of the water. According to their research as of 2016 people spend almost three times as many minutes inside the At Batt app than they do in another major sports league app! MLB’s At Bat offers both a premium and free version, with the free version allowing you to access almost everything in the app except for live game broadcasts and additional premium video offerings.

What do I get with the At Bat app?



Once you have chosen your favorite team, the app is customized to highlight your team’s stats and news.

After setting up your favorite teams, you move to the default screen which the At Bat app has customized. Your home screen gives you your team’s current schedule as well as a condensed view of most of the different sections of the app. The schedule section will also provide up to date scores to any game currently in progress as well as a link to see your team’s entire season schedule. The At Bat app offers a variety of options for following or catching up on any of the current season games, including live broadcasts and real-time renderings of each pitch!

Never Miss a Regular Season Game, Ever


MLB At Bat App in game

With the At Bat app, you’re never more than a click away from every MLB game in the season!

The At Bat’s options for tracking an MLB is the crowning achievement of the MLB At Bat app. You can drill down into any current game and watch via real time batting simulations (watch the pitch come across the plate in real time), Box Scores, Play summaries, a play by play feed, and who’s out in the field. The premium version of the app lets you watch the game, or you have the possibility to listen to the audio broadcast. Miss a game and want to catch up? All the above is available for every game played this season. Including access to video highlights and even a condensed version of the entire match.

The only thing you’re going to miss by not being at the game is the hot dogs and the overpriced beer!

Watch ALL The Video!


MLB At Bat TV '

The strongest argument for the premium version is access to live video coverage of games.

The video section offers up a variety of option that changes based on what subscription model you have. With the free version, you have access to 30 and 60-second clips of highlights and news segments. The premium version of the app adds several additional video choices. You get live look-ins on games, which lets you watch the game from either team’s local broadcast. At Bat gives you access to the MBL.TV Game of the Day even without an MLB.TV subscription. You also get access to a classic games video archive that features several dozen games that the MLB describes as “legendary.”

For those of you who already have an MLB.TV subscription, you get the same game day access through the At Bat app. You can watch all of the MLB games you’re subscribed to directly through the MLB At Bat app.

What’s it going to cost me?


MLB At Bat Pricing

If you decide on the premium version, you have a couple of options for buying the app.

The free option is VERY robust. You could follow and stay up to date on your MLB teams without ever paying a dime. If you like to watch or listen to a game live, you wouldn’t go wrong investing in the premium option. The premium version of the MLB At Bat app costs either $19.99 per year or a monthly fee of $2.99 (which comes out to $35.88 for 12 months).

For MLB.TV subscribers you get the At Bat premium version for free with your subscription and you can watch all the same games on your At Bat App.

MLB and At Bat are registered trademarks of the Major League Baseball.

Ready to check out the MLB At Bat for yourself? You can download it right now on Google Play for Android and on the Apple App Store for your iPhone or iPad. If you need any assistance with the At Bat app, getting it installed or configured, or just general questions about your device you’re always welcome to stop by your local Cellular Plus store, and we will gladly assist you.