The GizmoPal and The GizmoGadget

GizmoPal and GizmoGadget

When should you get your children phones and what sort of phone should you get them? These days parents have several options available to them. Old phones that they no longer use, low-priced smartphones like the Galaxy Core Prime, and basic flip and texting phones are still an option as too. But what if you’re not quite ready for your child to have a fully capable cell phone of their own? LG and Verizon have come up with a new series of products that help fill the need for the child who is too young to have a phone but could use one. Presenting the GizmoPal 2 (left) and GizmoGadget (right) watch phones. These watches are “cell-phone-lite” devices geared towards younger kids, from as young as five years old to preteen.

Which one should I choose?

Here’s what they have in common:

Voice calling

Both the GizmoPal 2 and GizmoGadget can make and receive phone calls from a whitelisted set of numbers that the parent sets up with the Gizmo App. The GizmoPal 2 can make and receive calls from up to 4 numbers while the Gadget can have up to ten numbers in its whitelist.

GPS Locator

With the Gizmo App, parents can locate either watch with the push of a button. Boundaries can also be set up, and parents can get a notification if the watch crosses one of the boundaries set up. That way you know when your child leaves school or comes home or leaves home.


The picture shows the GizmoPal2 and Gadget, and they are nearly the same size. They are a little bit big, for small wrists, but every family I have sold them to has said they are comfortable. For what it’s worth a few tech websites that compare products say the Verizon versions of the watch fit better than their AT&T counterparts. Which, if you are going to give a watch to a kid to keep tabs on him or her, it’s best if it fits comfortably.

The Major Differences Between the GizmoPal2 and the Gizmo Gadget:

Text messages

The Gadget can receive text messages from whitelist numbers. It can also send pre-composed messages that the parent sets up on their device. In the event a pre-composed message isn’t sufficient, the child can record a small voice memo and send it as a message.

Fitness tracking and games

The GizmoGadget has a step counter and jump rope counter so it can be used as a fitness tracker of sorts.

Touch Screen

To work with a few of the extra features, the GizmoGadget has a touch screen interface.


The GizmoPal 2 is $99.99 with a two-year contract and the GizmoGadget for $149.99 with a two-year contract. Both can be added on to your existing Verizon Wireless plans.

At $5 a month, you’re not breaking the bank. The devices are limited in their usage, so you’re not going to see your data allowance significantly affected. Because the devices are on a month-to-month contract, if your kid outgrows the device and is ready for their first cell phone, you can make that transition at any time.

With the end of school, summer vacation and summer trips approaching, the GizmoPal 2 and GizmoGadget just might be the perfect fit to keep your family connected and safe.